Our Senior Animal Rescue Philosophy

Our mission is to save senior animals. Our vision is a world where no animal is euthanized because of age or medical challenge when a quality of life exists. Quality of life, for the purpose of this document is defined as the standard of health, comfort, and happiness experienced by an individual animal or a group of animals. Senior dogs will be defined as those seven years old and older. Senior cats will be defined as those fifteen years and older.


Senior animals who come to us have frequently not had the love and care necessary to meet basic emotional, medical, and psychological needs prior to arrival. In our care, each animal is treated as an individual and each is given individual consideration. Since the population we work with involves senior, hospice, and special need animals, it is inevitable that there will be times when an animal no longer enjoys a quality of life, given conditions for which there is no cure or means to alleviate pain and suffering. In those circumstances, a veterinarian will be consulted before any animal is euthanized. If a question or concern arises in this decision-making process, an additional veterinarian will be consulted for a second opinion. Given the senior population with which we work, quality of life is constantly assessed.


Maintenance of the property is a priority. The goal is always to have the rescue presentable for the enjoyment and approval of our visitors, donors and adopters.

We strive to give a life to our animals that is of higher quality than what they had previously.  This includes never allowing them to be exposed to:  


  • Anything that may cause allergic reactions

  • Foods of poor nutritional quality

  • Anything worn, ripped, stained, expired, rotten/spoiled, weather damaged, and/or possessing a foul odor

  • Opened food bags or containers, anything that is no longer usable.

  • Anything that may cause a fire or presents a health hazard

  • Cleanliness is of the utmost importance, preventing illness and ensuring quality of life. The physical facility, that is, the house and outdoor shelters, must be immaculate to include all linens, beds, and the animals themselves.


We hold high the values of honesty and transparency in all our dealing with the public through social media and through our newsletter, promotional material while complying with State and local requirements. It is understood that the animals in our care are our responsibility. We are committed to doing whatever is necessary to meet that responsibility. With the same vigor, the rescue is obligated to keep all commitments.

Each animal will be treated with respect, kindness and compassion. There is nothing such as “just a dog, or just a cat”. We respect that these are living begins whose lives we work to improve by offer them a high standard of living (as defined in this document). For the time they have on earth, we will make their “golden years,” their best years.

We are dedicated to the animals in our care and will put their needs above our own as their caretakers and guardians, especially when it comes to issues of safety and security. As stewards of our rescued animals, we will act as their protectors and advocates.

Our home will provide shelter for small and medium sized dogs and they will be treated as if they were our own. Larger dogs will be housed in our outdoor shelters where they will receive the same care and attention as our indoor animals.

The operation of the rescue will be reviewed and improved on a regular basis, ultimately improving the quality of life for those in our care. We are open to positive change and wish to approach our practices armed with knowledge as to be cutting edge in our practices.

A home-based rescue, given its smaller environment and individualized attention, is preferable for senior animals as opposed to a larger municipal shelter. However, the best rescue is not a substitute for a home where the animals live as part of a family.

Peaceful Passings strives to place as many animals as possible into loving homes that will support their physical and emotional needs. This includes medical care, exercise, training, and love. Adopters are required to accept the adopted animal into their home as a family member. However, Peaceful Passings offers a life-time commitment to each animal that comes into our rescue. We seek individuals who are committed to resolving behavioral and/or medical issues that may occur during an animal’s lifetime.

Love tilly and Rosa.jpg

Rosa and her best friend Tilly

Reg (2)25 (1).JPG

Our Reg, a long term resident

Noel one.jpg

My name is Noel and I am a happy, fun-loving dog