I Rescue Senior Animals

I rescue animals. I fight for them. I dedicate my life to them.

I rarely put myself first. I never put them last. I always try to do right by them.

I am optimistic, but also realistic. I am a positive person, who has been beaten down by the negativity of the world. I am happy most days, but with a constant underlying sadness.

I have opened my heart to more animals than I can count. I bring them into my home. I return the life that was taken from them.

I have accepted the craziness of my world. I take the insanity in stride. I have given up any hope of having a normal life or a perfectly clean house.

I live each day, for the animals. I wake up, prepared to save more. I go to sleep, thinking of those I couldn’t reach.

I hate my phone… it never stops ringing. I answer and listen to yet another plea for an animal that no one cares about, no one will help.

I look into the eyes of the neglected. I feel their pain in my own heart. I hear their silent cries.

I apologize for the awful things that have happened to them. I say “I’m sorry” for things I didn’t do. I say, “I love you,” because no one else in their life ever has.

I try to talk sense into senseless people. I try to educate the ignorant. I fail at these attempts on a daily basis.

I can’t save them all. I can’t even save most. I live each day knowing that, no matter how hard I try, it will never be enough.

I know that even when I succeed, I fail. I know that for everyone I save, there’s another I lose. I know that no matter how many I help; my work is never done.

Even still, I save all that I can. I love more than I thought possible. I smile… because they smile.

I take-on their pain, so that they may have happiness. I allow my heart to hurt, so theirs can heal. I become the one who is wounded, so they may be restored.

I know the cruelty that exists. I’ve seen the faces of abuse. I witness the senselessness of the world… and know that change is always just beyond my grasp…

I ask for help… it rarely comes. I pray for hope… it rarely appears. I beg for mercy… it rarely arrives.

I sometimes lose faith in humanity. I often cry. Some days, I crawl into bed and pull the covers over my eyes.

Sometimes, I sob. I hurt so much… but I cry because they hurt more than I ever could. The helplessness drives me to say, “I can’t…”

Then, an animal’s kiss says, “You can…”

So, I get out of bed. I brush off the despair. I vow to make a difference.

I do make a difference.

I will never give up. I fight for change each day. I pray for relief from the pain… not for me, but for them.

I rescue animals and in return animals rescue me. Everything in between... is so worth it!

- Jackie Meyers


Old Dog

I only have one flaw – I’m aging. I want someone to take me home, just like my juniors. I’m basically good-natured. My tail wags, maybe a little slower than you’d like. Oh, my legs have their stiff days, and my colors aren’t as brilliant as they once were, now that my hairs are mixed with gray. I wait in my pen for you to visit and when you do, I’m happy to see you approach. Maybe you just walk by me. Maybe you stop and say, “Poor old dog!” And maybe your eyes turn away, because I remind you that, you too, are aging every day.

When you walk by my pen without stopping, I know, as you do, I’ve lost my chance to show you how wonderful and majestic an animal I truly am. I’ve done nothing wrong; I just got older, as you do, one day at a time.

I don’t know where the time went! Just yesterday, I could run and play for hours and jump so high! Now, I move more cautiously. My eyes and body movements aren’t as coordinated as they once were. Still I love to have fun, if in a more subdued way. I want to experience new things and challenge my mind, while I am able. My jumps are measured in inches - the same jumps that were once measured in feet.

Don’t pity me, because I don’t pity myself! I’ve had good times and bad times in my life, just like you.

What time I have left, I’d like to spend with family who loves me. I wish I could keep you with me forever, but I can’t, just as one day you’ll have to leave your loved ones behind. Can’t we just make the most of today?

Soften your eyes and look at me with the same excitement as if you were looking into much younger eyes. Spend some time with me and see beyond the signs of aging, see my heart, come to know my soul. I have so much to offer.

I wait in my pen, looking for a human companion to come along, hoping that you will stop by and stay with me awhile. Look beyond the superficial, look deeper and open your heart.

Take me home. We’ll sit together and think profound thoughts. I’ll lie next to you and support you when times seem bleak. We’ll face life together, whatever time it is that we have to share. When the time comes for us to part, I’ll go with grace and watch over you from above.

- Jackie Meyers