In 2002, Peaceful Passings began as a rescue for senior animals supported only by my husband and myself (Jackie Meyers). Our home also served foster animals that came to us through our local SPCA and animal sanctuary.

Our website was developed to offer the public information on caring for senior animals and as a resource on death, dying, and grief issues. Many people were paying for their veterinarians for this information, which was knowledge well known to those of us who had volunteered in shelters and worked with senior animals for several years. Our thought was to make this information available to the public, so when people took their animals to a veterinarian, they would be able to apply their financial resources towards addressing their individual animal’s medical needs.

In 2009,  Peaceful Passings applied for non-profit status to help expand our services to more animals in need by placing ourselves in a position to accept donations to support our work.  Our Letter of Determination was received January 14, 2010; however, it is backdated to April 2009. At that point, Peaceful Passings was granted non-profit status as a 501c3 which allowed us to accept donations and expand our rescue.

Peaceful Passings is an all-volunteer organization and, to the best of our knowledge, only one of a handful of home-based rescues for senior animals in the State of Virginia. We have a six-member Board of Directors. Peaceful Passings serves three populations; “super seniors” who are 12 and older and will remain with us if they have a quality of life; our hospice animals who will also remain with us if they enjoy a quality of life, and our adoptable seniors under 12 who we work to re-home. Our mission is to save senior animals. Our vision is a world where no animal is euthanized because of age or medical challenge when a quality of life remains. We believe that animals will live a better life when humans respect that all stages of an animal’s healthful life are of value to society.

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