Our Mission

Our mission is to save senior animals. Peaceful Passings will work to achieve our mission and vision by housing and caring for senior and hospice animals, in a home environment. We will work to educate the public as to the worth and dignity of life, and provide sheltering where the needs of senior animals are met, as long as a quality of life remains.

Programs will be offered to the public that include, but are not limited to, grief counseling, care for aging pets, educational materials, and as a resource for inquiries from the general public. Peaceful Passings will work to re-home lost and/or abandoned senior animals to loving homes, when such placements are appropriate.

Our Vision

A world where no animal has to be euthanized based on age or medical challenge when a quality of life remains. Animals will live a better life when humans respect that all stages of an animal's healthful life are of value to society.